Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet

This guide will walk you through ‘Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet’.

The objective is to retrieve Posh’s Bin Pet who has been kidnapped.

Ok, first things first. Get yourself to mulch island.

Once you’re there, go to the bottom-right hand corner of the screen where i’m standing here:

Then at the bottom of the screen there will be a guy with a safety barrier as shows:

He will ask you some questions, I’m not sure if it matters what you say because I gave all the stupid answers but at the

end he asked me what colour the bin pet was, so it’s pink. Comment to tell me if he asks other stuff as well!

Once you’re in, talk to the blue guy. Answer – Top, Middle, Top. Then get everthing circled in red on the picture and proceed where the arrow goes.

In the next room, first get the piece in the left hand corner. Then use the orange crowbar you

collected in the last room to pull up the slab in the bottom right corner of the screen to reveal another piece.

Finally click the orange vine as shown on the picture. Now go to the right.

In this room, there are three pieces and teeth. Firstly, get the teeth circled in red. Then grab the pieces in the top left.

For one of them just click it, then the other click the vine. Once you’ve done that, click the wheelbarrow a couple of times to reveal a new piece. Then the guy will talk to you. At the end he says something about a temple. Finally, you will need to put the orange grapes under the flower nearest the screen. This will make it glow. Then go left.

You will now be where you started. Before you can make the puzzle, there’s one more piece left.

Go up again. Put the teeth in the bin pets mouth to get the last piece.

Now get back there and assemble the puzzle!

I can’t upload pictures step-by-step but this is what it should look like when finished:

Now you’re into the danger zone! First, but the smelly berries and binoculars in the position shown. When the guard turns his back you need to grab the elastic band and the coconut. Look through the binoculars when he enters the code to find out what the code is.

Now arrage the elastic band and coconut as shown, then him the guard with the catapult, then a couple of the flies nests

that are circled. Then proceed to the temple.

When you get in, the guy will jump down a hole with the bin pet. You need to stand on the pressure plate thats circled,

then put the that drops of the half a statue. Then rotate it so it’s facing the shattered glass.

In this room, put the block next to the big pressure plate on the small plate. Then stand on the big plate and place the objects as shown. Then rotate the circle so it’s in line with the heat sensor. Finally, take the block off the small pressure plate.

This one’s easy, just use the cog to rotate the reflectors into the correct position, you can take the cog on and off.

For this one, it’s a puzzle. This is how it should look when finished:

For this one, first you need to rotate the cog at your right to get the diamond in line with the light. Then stand on the pressure plates so you can rotate the reflectors into the bin pet’s mouth. Then proceed to the final part.

The last one’s hard to explain so i’m going to let you guys work it out with hints. If you’re really stuck then comment and I’ll get to it soon. Ok, first hint is that the block thing is moved three times. Second hint is that the pet bowl goes where the red circle is. The rest is yours for now.

Now it’s yours. Sit back, watch the cutscene at give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve done it!

Make sure you guys follow me on twitter and have a happy weeviling time!

[IMPORTANT NOTICE] I cannot help anyone further with SWS because I am not a tycoon. If you are a tycoon and want to help then you can apply to be a moderator here:
If you want to help but don’t want to join the team then you can give me your username and password so I can login as you and complete the missions – I assure you I will not do anything damaging to your weevil account and if you let me use your account then you will go into the Hall of fame šŸ™‚


11 Responses to Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet

  1. Rosey says:

    thanks i really ow u one

  2. Rosey says:

    Where do you get the pet bowl from

  3. crazyp1 says:

    What’s the code ??????????

  4. fanta says:


  5. Miranda says:

    Last part i need help with and this didn’t help.

  6. xxxbookloverxxx says:

    Thanks so much for the help! My brother and I used this guide (I used all of it, my brother used it at the end) Seriously, I would still be on that mission if it weren’t for you, thanks! I liked your post šŸ™‚

  7. ifrah says:

    cool I finly compelted the slide puzzle I ow ya one

  8. brooklyn says:

    whoa this is hard I NEED THE CODE

  9. aysia says:

    how do yu do the last step to get out

  10. efrg says:

    right this is so hard

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